Women May Live Longer But They Have Poorer Quality Lives Than Men, New Study Finds

by Ella

While women often outlive men, a recent study sheds light on the stark reality that their quality of life may be compromised compared to men, owing to a myriad of health challenges and societal factors.


Insights from the Study

Published in The Lancet, the study underscores how sex and gender intricately shape health outcomes and life expectancy. While men face a higher burden of diseases leading to premature mortality, women grapple with pathologies that significantly impact their quality of life in later years.


The Interplay of Sex and Gender

Sex, delineating biological factors, and gender, encompassing socially constructed roles and behaviors, collectively influence health outcomes. This influence commences in adolescence, a pivotal period where gender norms and attitudes intensify, coinciding with the onset of puberty.


Health Disparities Across Gender

The study, drawing on data from the 2021 Global Burden of Disease Study, elucidates the disparate health burdens faced by men and women. While men are more susceptible to life-threatening conditions such as COVID-19 and heart disease, women bear a higher prevalence of debilitating ailments including lower back pain, depression, and headaches.


Addressing Gender-Specific Health Needs

Dr. Sara Guila Fidel Kinori, a clinical psychologist, underscores the urgent need for policies grounded in sex-specific and age-specific data to address these disparities effectively. Moreover, promoting gender-sensitive research and implementing interventions aimed at achieving health equity is paramount.

Challenges and Limitations

Despite the study’s insights, its reliance on a binary framework (female or male) underscores the need for nuanced approaches that account for diverse gender identities. Additionally, the persistence of health disparities over time underscores the imperative for concerted efforts to bridge the gap.


The study’s findings serve as a clarion call for policymakers and healthcare professionals to adopt a holistic approach to address gender disparities in health. By acknowledging the multifaceted influences of sex and gender on health outcomes, society can strive towards fostering greater health equity and well-being for all genders.


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