Survey Reveals Women’s Health No Better Now Than at Height of Pandemic

by Ella

A recent Hologic Global Women’s Health Index survey conducted by Gallup indicates that women’s health has not improved since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey, spanning 143 countries and territories and featuring data from 79,000 women and girls, highlights concerning trends in health testing, mental well-being, and basic needs affordability.


Low Testing Rates for Fatal Diseases

The survey revealed that a significant number of women are not undergoing essential tests for fatal diseases. The majority of respondents reported not being tested for diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, or sexually transmitted diseases or infections in the past year. Alarmingly, less than one in five women underwent diabetes testing, and only 36% were tested for high blood pressure. Additionally, a staggering 89% of women went untested for any form of cancer.


High Levels of Mental Health Challenges

Women continue to grapple with mental health challenges, with a substantial percentage reporting experiences of worry, stress, sadness, and anger. Approximately four in 10 women admitted to feeling worry and stress the day before being surveyed. Three in 10 experienced sadness, and one in four reported feelings of anger. Comparing data over three years, researchers observed an increase in the prevalence of sadness, anger, and worry among women, who are now reportedly 20% more likely than men to report daily experiences of sadness.


Struggles with Affordability of Basic Needs

The survey also shed light on the financial challenges faced by women, with three in 10 stating they cannot afford essential food or shelter. For nearly 1 billion women globally, the affordability of food and shelter remains a significant issue. The findings indicate that basic needs continue to be out of reach for a substantial portion of the female population.


A Call for Continued Monitoring

Hologic and Gallup launched the survey in 2020, and the latest report from 2022 emphasizes the urgent need for attention to women’s health. Gallup states that the data from the Year 3 survey underscores the serious risks to women’s health across various dimensions. The slow pace of progress, even in areas where there are improvements, is a cause for concern. The index plans to persist in tracking women’s health conditions over the coming years to monitor changes and advocate for improvements.


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