Golf Classic for Women’s Health teed off in Evansville

by Ella

The greens of the golf course have become a platform for a compelling campaign in the realm of women’s health. The Deaconess Classic for Women’s Health, an exclusive golf event, has teed off with the noble objective of rallying support for women within the community who are confronting the challenges of cancer.


In its remarkable 29th year, the classic witnessed 33 groups of female golfers embarking on their rounds at the Evansville Country Club. Their shared purpose: to stand by the women of the community. Over the course of this endeavor, more than 4 million dollars have been amassed, a testament to the enduring commitment to women’s well-being.


Theresa Phipps, Donor Relations and Events Specialist for the Deaconess Foundation, underscored the significance of the event’s ethos, stating, “We have been graced with splendid weather and the company of wonderful women, all united in their support for one another. This solidarity among women is truly the cornerstone.”


At its core, this annual event channels its proceeds towards essential aspects of women’s health. Beneficiaries include those seeking mammograms and pelvic ultrasounds, as well as the bolstering of the mobile breast center. Additionally, funds contribute to acquiring advanced mammography machines, which elevate the level of screening accuracy.


Beth Sparks, Co-Chairman of the Deaconess Classic for Women’s Health, elucidated the far-reaching impact, expressing, “It extends access to imperative healthcare services for women who are either underinsured or uninsured. The significance of this assistance cannot be overstated.”

Elevating the event’s stature are the collective efforts of donors, businesses, and the local community. Their united endeavor fuels the event’s substantial fundraising, and consequently, these funds are reinvested directly into the community’s well-being.

Lance Wilkerson, Executive Director of the Deaconess Foundation, emphasized the localized effect, sharing, “The entirety of these funds remains within our community, exclusively for the betterment of our patients. We are committed to channeling these resources towards anything that fortifies women’s health.”

The golfers were treated to not only a round of golf but also a mini-clinic guided by local golf luminary Julia Potter-Bobb. Her personal connection to the cause lends a poignant touch, as her own mother is currently engaged in a battle against uterine cancer.

Potter-Bobb expressed her admiration for the event’s participants, saying, “The collective efforts of these women, their presence to support others, and their dedication to making screenings accessible to those who might otherwise struggle to obtain them is deeply meaningful. I can personally attest to the importance of such initiatives.”

As this year’s event comes to a close, the promise of its 30th iteration looms large on the horizon. Set to return in May, this cherished tradition will take place on the Monday following Mother’s Day, reinforcing the enduring commitment to women’s health and community unity.


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